A day at the beach.

Australia has over 10,000 beaches. They are pristine and often deserted. It is possible if you are visiting any of these beaches that your footprints maybe the only ones there. We are surrounded by two mighty oceans and the waves that crash on our shores have travelled many thousands of miles to lap our shores. Beaches are refreshing and the crisp air has a tang of salt and the sharpness of ozone. On some beaches you can smell the faint wisp of drying seaweed and the dryness of drift wood. Mostly it is the smell of the sea itself and as the wind changes other scents come to you. The whiff of wet sand is sharp and noticeable.
There is froth and foam. The rhythmic movement of the waves is soothing and almost hypnotic. Soon your heart will beat at the same time as the waves. As you relax and breathe all this in, a deep calm will seep into your soul. You may not even be aware of this phenomenon. This is why it is so easy to lay on a beach and drink in all this atmosphere. How easy is it to sleep on a beach with the sound of the waves lulling you off into a deep, peaceful sleep?
Then, there is the feast for your eyes. The foam and the crashing of waves as great volumes of sea water collapse in the impact zone with a natural thunder. A cubic metre of water weighs a tonne. The amount of energy here is fascinating. As it expends its energy onto the beach a myriad of flotsam and jetsam is swirled about forming intricate patterns. There are leaves, seagrass, shells, jellyfish and objects that have travelled from far away, just to reach this beach and your toes.
Ripsilver is a perfume that captures all this and more. It is crisp and refreshing. Tangy and refreshing. Your first impression maybe the scent of ”wet sand”, with the salt and ozone creeping in. As it envelops you will notice traces of other faint memories of a deserted beach. The warmth of the sun on hot sand, driftwood, dried sea weed and shells. This scent is “A day at the beach” and will take you there instantly, magically.
I trust you will be fascinated by this scent as I have been in making this perfume. Carefully adding each of the best materials to replicate the total scent picture accurately. Let Ripsilver bring some magic into your day and take you to the beach….…..