Choose the Right Perfume for the Right Occasion

When it comes to fragrance, there is nothing more enchanting than wearing the right perfume for the right occasion. What is more, you can select perfume fragrances and scents according to the season, your mood and even the time of day.

In truth, “just wearing” perfume is way out of fashion. Today, there are certain perfumes that make a statement and add a certain ambiance as you enter a room. In fact, there are numerous amazing perfumes that are not only captivating but so affordable that you can have a fragrance for every occasion. Frankly, todays perfumes are most definitely part of one personal expression.

The Right Perfume for the Right Occasion

When choosing a perfume to wear, it is important to consider the time of day and the occasion. Reflect upon the event or occasion, the people you are meeting, the environment plus the time of day. For instance, there is a huge difference between evening and day time wear. Evening wear can include movie night with the kids or an intimate dinner with your sweetheart. Daywear can include a variety of scents for the office, running errands, high noon tea or a day in the park.

Perfect scents for romantic interludes include Jezebel for the wild woman waiting to get loose and Sweetheart, a perfume for the curious and gentle of heart that smell of baby powder and sweet cherry blossoms.

Ideal perfume for a night with the kids is sweet and fun types like the perfume name Butterfly. It is particularly scented to invoke tenderness, infectious laughter and bubbliness.

For daytime wear, there are various perfumes for all occasions. For when you run errands, Elysium is a sure delight. It is like a breath of fresh spring air that surrounds you with honeysuckle blossoms and jasmine flowers.

Or for a walk in the park, Fluer De Lilac fits the mood perfectly. It is filled with sweet violets, lilac clusters and spring afternoon sun rays. It definitely sets the mood for enchantment, captivation and even romance.

Setting the Mood

Just a dab of the right perfume can change and set a particular mood. In fact, perfume a very powerful mood enhancer. So if you are having a bad day, just add a touch of a scent that will instantly change your frame of mind or disposition. For instance, if you are in an angry mode, try putting on a perfume that invokes happiness or bliss such as Elysium.

In contrast, if you want a perfume for complete sensuality, there are many scents for the occasion. Perhaps choose Fluer De Lilac for rediscovering lost romance or Jessica with the essence of chocolate and sweet slices of orange. Whatever the mood you want to set, remember thr right perfume for the right occasion is the key.