Effects of Fragrance on Emotions: Moods and Physiology

Just as the aroma of food influences the body’s appetite, fragrances can trigger certain emotional responses depending upon our initial memory imprint of them. As a smell enters the nostrils and travels through the olfactory system, it affects different areas of the body along its journey. During this process, a fragrance transforms from a mere smell into a memory, whether it is pleasant or not depends upon the circumstances.

The Physiological Effects of Fragrances

When you encounter a scent, the olfactory system triggers responses from the limbic system in the brain that control moods and emotions as well as the hippocampus area, which is where the brain forms and stores memories. As you smell a scent, a memory forms in connection to it, such as a romantic evening with the person you love. You will forever connect their aroma or fragrance with pleasure, love and that person each time to come in contact with the exact scent.

How the Mind Associates a Fragrance with a Memory

Since your brain stores the memory of the scent in the hippocampus, the mind associates your feelings about this memory with the aroma. If you remember the event with a positive event, your mood lifts and you feel joy. On the other hand, when the event connected with a scent is unpleasant, your memory m ay depress your mood. For example, if you pass by a person wearing an excess of fragrance, you may remember how your olfactory system was overwhelmed to the point of dislike.

A Fragrance Impacts Each Person in a Unique Manner

People vary in the way they react to scents. While women are drawn to flowering, sweet scents, men prefer woodsy ones. In addition, the scents themselves smell different on each individual due to their unique body chemistry. Perfumes intermingle with a person’s sweat and chemical makeup to produce individualised aromas.

The Power of the Effects of Fragrance on Moods and Physiology

Fragrances have such a strong effect on moods and physiology of the human body that women and men both apply them in order to attract a mate. Perfumes provide a multi-layer experience that can vary throughout the time people wear them. Different tones in these fragrances evaporate at their own rates to transform the scent from one hour to the next. When you wear them to heighten a romantic experience, they can increase the physical attraction between you and your object of desire.

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