Pressure Points Matter: Tips on Which Parts of Your Body Should You Put Perfume On

Applying fragrances to one’s body has been a custom for centuries for various reasons ranging from practicing religious beliefs to covering up unpleasant body odours. Today, people apply perfumes to enhance the aromas of their bodies to please those who they come in contact with daily or to heighten their physical attraction to others. While you may enjoy wearing a variety of these scents, you might not understand the pressure points or pulse points to apply them on to receive the best results from your efforts. These points are places on the body where you can feel your heart beat, and it is thought that when you apply fragrances on them that they last longer and release all their tones with greater efficiency.

The Pulse Points on Your Body

Behind the Ears

When you place the fragrance behind your ears, the veins are close to the surface of the skin. As a result, the aroma of the perfume is released automatically for immediate effects.

Inside Areas of the Elbows

The inside areas of the elbows is another pulse point that provides a subtler effect than behind the ears, but is no less effective when you apply a scent on these areas.

The Belly Button

Inside your belly button provides a hidden place in which to apply fragrances. The aroma will gradually float up or down from this area as you move through your day or night.

Behind the Knees

Another one of the pressure points to remember is the back of your knees. Perfumes will evaporate gently throughout your day allowing the scents to move upward on and outward from your body. Others will wonder where the delightful aroma is coming from with these pulse points.

Inside of the Wrists

If you express your thoughts with the help of your hands, you may consider applying a bit of perfume to the inside of your wrists. The heat from this area of the body interacts with the scents to diffuse them in the air almost immediately. With each wave of your hands, you will broadcast a bit of aroma through the air.

Base of the Throat

The base of the throat maximises the effects of your perfume, especially in romantic situations. Each time that your beloved hugs you the fragrance will gleefully travel up his or her nostrils. It will excite the senses and heighten the physical attraction between you and him or her.

Of course, to receive the highest possible results from pressure points, you must first start off with quality perfumes, such as the ones from Bud Parfums. We are master perfumers who deliver fascinating scents that we make from the purest of ingredients.