Scarlet, the gypsy.

Scarlet, the gypsy.
As another cool winter approaches Europe, we become surrounded by the delicious smells of Christmas. Steaming puddings with lashings of custard, hot smoky fires and the aroma of gluehwein, the warm spicy wine that heats your blood. (Meanwhile, here in Australia our summer heat has us thinking of beaches and swimming pools). It is not uncommon for spirits to be a little low and people begin to look for cheery things in the festive season. But what about perfumes? Have you thought about a warming cheery, even spicy scent?
Let me introduce you to a wild, slightly naughty gypsy called “Scarlet” by Bud Parfums. She is adorned in bright colours and a high flying swirling dress with passionate flamenco music pumping, thumping and begging you to dance. Your head is filled with the sweet sharpness of cinnamon, the tenderness of bergamot, some juicy orange and mandarin encompass you in a delicious scent. In the distance there is jasmine flowers and the sharpness of tonka beans. What a girl! You instantly forget the cold and are warmed through and through. Passion takes you on a merry dance…… “To hell with winter”, I here you cry and you dance in a heady perfume of spices.
On the edge of the crowd stands a tall striking figure. Almost lurking is “El Diablo” (the devil himself). He is amused by the gypsy, and as the male counterpart feels drawn into the fray. He must become involved as the music pulls him in. He stands and stomps his feet in the flamenco style. There is a hush for a moment as the wafts of clove, cinnamon, black pepper and the strength of cedarwood and sharpness of lime surround the crowd that is now forming.
Together they dance. A perfect match, one female in her essence and the other masculine with the strength of what it is to be a male. The dust swirls in the street. They are oblivious to anything but each other. A heady mix of two passionate perfumes blended beautifully with the music. The joy of a sudden unplanned dance in the street. The boldness and audacity to not “give a damn”. The thrill of letting your hair down and doing what is perfectly natural.
Of course if this wild and reckless behaviour is just not you, then perhaps “Scarlet” and “El Diablo” perfumes by Bud Parfums are only for the truly adventourous……