Scent and Seduction: How Can Perfumes Arouse Your Senses?

At one time in history, scents were applied to the body to mask an unpleasant body odour since daily bathing was not always a practice, or they were used in religious rituals. Today, manufactured fragrances serve a much different purpose. Men and women both admit that perfumes can entice and arouse their senses and therefore, their emotions for each other. Scent and seduction just seem to flow together in almost a mystical way.

How Scents Arouse Your Senses

Fragrances stimulate the limbic system of the brain, which dictates our emotional reaction to a variety of triggers, including the scents we smell with our nose. Just as the aroma of certain foods increases our appetites, the scent of a person can heighten our desire for him or her. In addition, innovations in manufacturing fragrances have allowed companies to produce scents with both undertones and overtones to increase their effect on our senses.

Certain perfumes bring back a childhood memory that is deep within our minds that we relate to joy and happiness. When you smell these scents on other people, you are instantly attracted to them without really understanding why at times. Of course, if you associate a scent with an unpleasant situation, the reverse may happen when you smell a similar aroma on others. Scents can be appealing or unappealing, though, without triggering any memories.

Scents Affect Both Sexes

Both men and women are just as susceptible to the alluring effects of fragrances. While women wear floral, light scents, men will wear musky to woody scents. Men admit to becoming aroused not only by a woman’s physical appearance, but also by her aroma. The same is true for women with men. Attraction may occur on a non-sexual or sexual level depending upon the circumstances, but scents can help to heighten the sexual experience during a romantic evening.

Only a Little Is Necessary

Men and women need to remember when applying a scent that only a little is necessary to stimulate a positive reaction. If a person applies an excessive amount of fragrance, he or she can overwhelm the senses of others and drive them away instead of being alluring.

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