The Art of Fragrance Layering: Choosing the Perfect Scent Blends

If you wonder what the art of fragrance layering is all about, it is simply a way of combining multiple scents in a unique manner to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. We are not talking about ordering your own perfume blend here. Instead, we are talking about you using scents that you already have at home together to achieve a unique result or buying multiple ones for the same purpose. You can apply the scents at one time or at separate times during the day. When you perfect this art, you can match scents to suit your mood or needs at the moment.

Understand the Scents That Complement Each Other

An important part of layering scents is to understand which ones that complement each other. For a couple of examples, citrus and floral blends well together, as do the wood and floral scents for layering. When you apply both scents at the same time, apply the lighter one first and then the heavier one. As the heavier one dissipates, the lighter scent will still be present.

Apply the Scents at Different Times

You will not need to apply all scents at the same time, though, as we mention above. An example of this is that you can start off with a light floral for your workday and add a heavier wood scent over it as you move to your evening activity. In this way, your scent is bolder for the nighttime hours and lighter at the office.

You Can Dab Scents on Your Hair, Clothing and Skin

Another way to layer scents is by dabbing a heavy one on your skin, a medium one on your clothes and a light one on your hair. As move through the crowd, these scents will evaporate in a unique combination to provide you with a signature aroma that is all your own.

Keep It Simple at First

When you first begin to layer your own scents, keep it simple. Vanilla and wood tones are an ideal place to start or citrus and spice, such as orange and cinnamon. Once you master the art of layering in this simple manner, you can move on to additionally complex combinations such as applying a floral tone first, a citrus tone next and then a wood tone. While some believe the heavier scent should come last, this depends upon whether or not you are applying all the scents at the same time.

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