The Benefits of Customising Your Own Perfume

Today, there is no need to settle for a perfume that hundreds, maybe even thousands of people wear. Instead, you can now customise your own perfume to broadcast a unique aroma wherever you traverse. Here at Bud Parfums, we will assist you with your efforts in this goal. Our experts will personalise a quality fragrance for you according to your specifications and in a timely manner. In addition, we provide samples for your consideration and keep our prices at an affordable level. We also provide you an in-depth explanation of benefits for personalising your own perfume in the information that follows.

Customised Perfume Contains Only High-Quality Ingredients

Our custom perfume contains only the finest of ingredients. We use as many natural ones as possible to create the top, middle and bottom notes of your special scent. You can select from over 4000 ingredients when you order personalised scents from our company.

Expert Craftsmanship Goes into Each Batch

Howard Jarvis, our company’s perfumer, has 11 years of experience in this industry. He even learned the craft from Jonathon Midgley, a master perfumer here in Australia. With this type of expertise, you will receive a scent with the finest ingredients that we also blend with the latest techniques.

You Obtain a Truly Unique Aroma

After you decide which ingredients that you prefer in your personal scent, and we mix them to perfection, the result is a truly unique aroma that no one else wears. People you meet on the job, during special events or even on the street will exclaim about your perfume’s aroma and ask where you found such a pleasant one.

Samples Are Available for Your Consideration

Upon request, we will supply you with samples for your consideration to help you make your final decision as to what you wish your scent to smell like on your body. Remember that the ingredients in perfumes combine with your body’s chemistry to transform it to yet another aroma in certain cases.

Our Prices Are Affordable and We Guarantee Satisfaction

We keep our prices affordable for this service at $1000 AUD. Our company does require a 50-percent deposit, and you will need to pay the balance prior to delivery. On top of all this, we guarantee your satisfaction with the final product. Reordering is a breeze since we keep your formulation on record.

For a further explanation of these benefits for customising your own perfume with our assistance, contact our company at your convenience. We will answer all questions that you may have about our ingredients, blending methods and company.