The Fragrant Man and His Captivating Effects

Aromatherapy and the history of fragrances dates back to the earliest of times, in Egypt, Europe, Asia, and in every corner of the world were found those who could meld scents together that had captivating effects on people. All types of expertly mixed fragrances were sought, that is why royalty has always attracted master perfumers to produce scents from the most cherished oils.

Such high quality and often rare ingredients produce fragrances that have an almost mystical and captivating effect on those who venture to take a closer whiff.

The Fragrant Man

Times have changed the ways that perfumes are made, machines now churn out mass produced vats of scented oils, from ingredients that are not all-natural. This has caused a decline of the specialness of perfumes, and the real intentions and purpose for their creation – to lure for love and romance, and as a means to preserve memories through scented smells.

Returning to the roots of this ancient practice, Howard Jarvis, who has worked with master perfumer Mr Jonathon Midgley, is determined to rekindle the spark of the public’s interest back to that of the 19th Century’s golden era of fragrances and perfume making. To accomplish this, Howard – a modern-day fragrance man, uses the finest of nature’s purest oils and raw materials to concoct very special blends of perfumes.

Essentially, the motivation behind Bud Parfums is the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy the wonderful sensation of smelling essential oils.

Perfumes for Men and Women

Perfumes in the past were used by men just as much as women, although, times are changing again and men today are rediscovering deep aromatic scents and their benefits – perfumes that stimulate women’s interest. Names such as Chocolate Soldier, Assassin, and El Diablo are just a few of the perfumes that are designed for gentlemen who appreciate exotic smells that stimulate the senses.

As for the ladies, specially formulated perfumes such as Ooh La La, Fluer De Lilac, and Jezebel, each have their own unique scented flavours that are proven to affect men in subtle ways.

Custom Perfumes

Bud Parfums can make custom perfumes that suit a person’s personal tastes, skin type and personality, to produce a much personalised signature scent. It is a rare and very unique gift idea that is assured to impress anyone. All are welcome to visit Bud Parfums perfumery, in Warburton, Victoria, to experience a warm, old-world atmosphere, ripe with over 4000 ingredients for making the finest perfumes.