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A day at the beach

A day at the beach.

Australia has over 10,000 beaches. They are pristine and often deserted. It is possible if you are visiting any of these beaches that your footprints maybe the only ones there. We are surrounded by two mighty oceans and the waves that crash on our shores have travelled many thousands of miles to lap our shores. […]


WILD DRAGON’S BLOOD (You are dreaming). Somewhere in an enchanted redwood forest you are wandering along a winding path. It’s foggy and cool. There’s a dampness in the air. Your nose picks up faint wafts of moss, lichen and clumps of mushrooms. You notice their orange strange umbrella shapes. The fog swirls about your feet. […]

Scarlet, the gypsy.

Scarlet, the gypsy. As another cool winter approaches Europe, we become surrounded by the delicious smells of Christmas. Steaming puddings with lashings of custard, hot smoky fires and the aroma of gluehwein, the warm spicy wine that heats your blood. (Meanwhile, here in Australia our summer heat has us thinking of beaches and swimming pools). […]

The joy of vanilla

The joy of Vanilla Ah, vanilla. It’s in our ice cream, mixed in cream, added to cakes, pancakes and essential in most desserts. Perfumers are not so interested in the flavour, but more so the scent of vanilla. The sweet fine fragrance of vanilla is so well known that it almost makes anyone hungry for […]

Pressure Points Matter: Tips on Which Parts of Your Body Should You Put Perfume On

Applying fragrances to one’s body has been a custom for centuries for various reasons ranging from practicing religious beliefs to covering up unpleasant body odours. Today, people apply perfumes to enhance the aromas of their bodies to please those who they come in contact with daily or to heighten their physical attraction to others. While […]

Choose the Right Perfume for the Right Occasion

When it comes to fragrance, there is nothing more enchanting than wearing the right perfume for the right occasion. What is more, you can select perfume fragrances and scents according to the season, your mood and even the time of day. In truth, “just wearing” perfume is way out of fashion. Today, there are certain […]

The History of Perfumes

Since ancient times, people have been scenting their bodies for various reasons ranging from covering up unpleasant body odour to preparing the dead for burial. Perfumes are fragrant solutions that contain essential oils from flowers and other types of plants along with aroma compounds and other quality ingredients. For the most part, perfumes last longer […]

Is Your Perfume Boring?

Have you noticed that perfumes seem a little boring lately? Does it look like the big firms are re-releasing another copy of last year’s best seller? Do you wonder if they spend more on the advertising than the actual ingredients in the bottle? You are not alone, as a growing trend of savvy smart shoppers […]