Custom Perfumes

We will make you a perfume that will suit your taste, personality and skin type. Imagine having your own exclusive scent. Something very special for those occasions when you need a signature scent. Naturally we need to know a little about you, so please fill in our Custom Perfume Survey form below. We will then go to work and compose a fragrance and supply you a sample. Our fee for this exclusive service is $1,000 (AUD) with a 50% deposit to start and the balance paid before delivery. Upon your acceptance of the final perfume we will make up and age the fine fragrance for several days, then deliver to you. You can continue to re-order your special scent by simply asking for a refill in the size that suits your bottle.

Please note: All formulations remain the property of the perfumer Bud Parfums and you can wear the fragrance freely whenever you desire.

The 4 Promises we will keep

1. We will custom design you an exceptional fine fragrance.
2. We will not take too long to get it right , approximately 3 weeks.
3. We will supply you samples for your perusal.
4. We will keep our costs reasonable for our exclusive products.

Custom Perfume Survey

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Please Note: There is a $500 Deposit required with a remaining $500 balance for all custom perfumes.