For the Gentlemen

Tips for the Gentlemen

1. Keep it light ! Never let anyone meet your cologne before they meet you. Spray your cologne in the air after a shower and walk through it. Put the fragrance on your body, not your clothes. Your warm body enhances the effect so put some on your neck, (the sides is best)or behind your knees. Juice up the pulse points (the warmest bits – the wrists, navel and ankles).

2. There are four pulse points: wrists, throat, chest and sides of the neck. For her added surprise put a drop or two just below your navel. Please try and avoid overkill.

3. Match your personality. Uncomplicated, entrepreneurial, spontaneous social guys go for zesty fresh fragrances with citrus notes. Reflective, lone “wolves” often choose warm, spicy oriental colognes. Sophisticated,stylish,rugged outdoor guys appreciate those warm tobacco and leather notes.

4. Road testing a fragrance. Check the scent strips. Wait¬† for the “top notes” to clear. Your first impression will be zesty citrus smells of green lemon, bergamot, neroli, mandarin. Wait a further 10-15 minutes for the “middle notes” with magnetic scents of powerful cedar, vetiver, jasmine, lavender, and spice blends of nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon and cloves. Last, the “base notes” which often surface up to an hour later. Earthy, woody, mossy mysterious scents that linger the longest. So adorn yourself at least an hour before going out.

5. Match your skin type. Your skin’s dryness, diet, environment, and behaviour (like stress, smoking,drinking, etc.) impact on your fragrance and how long it lasts.Oily skin lasts longer because the chemistry is more potent. Sweaty skin can “sour” a cologne, so lightly reapply a few times a day. Dry skin means simply you need more water. When you are thirsty just drink two glasses of water at a time. All perfumes are alcohol (ethanol) based which evaporates and carries the smell, yet also dries skin, so stay hydrated. Sensitive guys with skin that may occasionally make a rash or acne should keep it light and not so often. Give your skin a rest during the week, use cologne on the week end. Wear only one fragrance product at a time. Good hunting !

:”Remember: Elegance is defined by discretion –
not by invading your neighbours space”.

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