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118cbe_21cc05b69d95d48819dbdb626a716c84Satine – a real beauty. The courtesan diamond sparkling show girl from the film Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge is a nightclub, a bordello, and a dancehall. Paris, 1899, “the summer of love” and Satine is the star of the show (played by Nicole Kidman). Opulent costumes decorate the young beautiful creatures where the rich and powerful come to play after dark.

INGREDIENTS: Orange blossoms, jasmine, lemon myrtle, rose, vanilla, ylang ylang, mandarin, spearmint.

Satine smolders, she bedazzles all and sundry, but falls for Christian, a young writer, while also being pursued by the Duke. An agonizing love triangle follows.

SATINE: “I love a little poetry after supper”…..

Tibetan Sunset

You are inside the ancient temple high in the hills of Tibet. The old weather worn, and wrinkled monk slowly beckons you in his saffron robe. “I think you will appreciate this”, he says softly. He shows me an ornately carved chest with gold leaf inlaid in its top and sides. He motions that I should kneel down. He almost reverently and gently opens the casket. “Take a deep breath and smell”, he whispers. “For over 800 years we have stored our incense here”..

Wild Dragons Blood

118cbe_40bcc528aa1a97ad9487d8a072206838Imagine walking through an old redwood forest. Its late evening, damp and foggy.Through the mist you can see tree moss, lichen and patches of mushrooms. In the distance a mossy camouflage shape moves suddenly. It’s a dragon! The dragon stirs and glares at you slinking off into the darkness. You approach the lair cautiously and peer into the dragons nest. Three small eggs of gold shimmer.

What do you do now? ………..

Ingredients: Dragons blood resin, cedarwood, musk, benzoin, frankincense, beeswax, labdanum, patchouli, moss and gold leaf.