Scent of a Woman: The Hidden Appeal of Perfumes

Just ask men about the hidden appeal of perfumes as far as a scent of a woman. Aromas imprint a memory into the mind of men in either a negative or positive manner. When males find the scent pleasing, it attracts them to females, but the opposite also can occur if men dislike the aroma. Perfumes on women even intensify sexual feelings in the opposite sex.

Scents Create Memories

The aroma of a perfume will travel up through the olfactory system where signals will be sent to the brain, and instantly, the brain creates a memory with the scent. Whoever is wearing the perfume at the time imprints on the mind of all who smell the aroma.

Perfumes Can Stir Desire

When the scents hit the men right, perfumes stir feelings of physical desire. Women need to be careful, though, since the minute amount in just a few pressure points will pull men to them, too much of a good thing may make the men run in the opposite direction. Perfumes are of such fine quality that you should always lightly dab them on, or spray them on your body.

Women Create an Air of Mystery with Perfumes

When women purchase and apply perfumes that contain a number of different tones, they create an air of mystery around them. Men and others will try to identify the various tones. Just examine a few of the perfumes that we make here at Bud Parfums for women in the information below to learn what we mean by all this:

• Autumn is a combination of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla cream and caramel. What a yummy assortment of aromas. As you wear this scent throughout the day or evening, different tones will be noticeable.

• Elysium contains jasmine, neroli, sweet orange, geranium, lilac, musk, orange blossom, petitgrain, and bergamot oils. The aroma of this combination makes all think about a sunny, spring day. Everyone around you will try to identify the flower scents that their noses are catching a whiff of as you pass by them.

• Scarlet is our slightly sinful selection with its bright-red colour with a tinge of orange. You will feel bold, confident and a bit naughty when you wear this selection. In addition, the mixture of gardenia, cinnamon, bergamot, lime, orange, jasmine, and ylang ylang will have people wondering what is that delightful aroma in the air.

Turn to Bud Parfums for further information on the hidden appeal of perfumes as far as the scent of a woman. We manufacture all of our scents with the finest of ingredients. On top of this, you can customise a scent to suit your specific preferences.