Why Perfumes and Colognes Smell Different From Each Other

When it comes to types of fragrances, perfumes are at the top of the list as far as quality with colognes coming in second. While consumers today consider that both perfumes and colognes offer the body a pleasant aroma, this is where their similarity ends. They differ in formulation, which is why each has its own unique scent and lasting power. A perfume will last throughout the day and into the night while people may need to reapply cologne for it to last since it evaporates at a faster rate.


Formulation of Perfume

The reason that perfume lasts longer than cologne does is the fact that it contains 20-percent to 30-percent volatile natural oils. Quality perfumeries will stick with as many natural ingredients as possible. Colognes can have a high percentage of chemical ingredients. If you wonder why colognes are less expensive than perfumes are, this is the main reason. You also need to remember that just a dab on each of your pulse points will do with a perfume. Never apply in excess as it will overwhelm those around you.

In addition, the formulation of perfume provides a multilevel experience for the wearers of it. Each level is called a ‘note’ and will have its own unique scent and endurance. Most perfumes will have a top note, middle note and base note. The top note evaporates gradually the first few hours after application in the morning, then the middle note hangs on for a few more hours and the base note is likely to follow you to bed that night unless you shower. For this reason, perfumes transform throughout the time you wear them, providing a unique aroma at each hour of the day or night.

Formulation of Colognes

Colognes are single-note scents that provide the same aroma no matter how short or long a person wears them. They do not have a lasting power of perfumes, though, since their formulation contains only about two to four percent of the volatile oils in a base of typically water and alcohol. Scents from colognes evaporate by the end of the day where you may need to dab or spray on more before evening. As a result, your bottle of cologne will not last as long as a bottle of perfume will and this may negate the savings that cologne appears to offer you.

The reason why perfumes and colognes smell different from each other comes down to their formulations. Perfumes are the highest quality fragrances on the market today, and you should indulge yourself with a bottle or two from our company at your earliest convenience.